Learn About DualDiagnosisTreatment.org

Are you struggling with a co-occurring mental health and drug or alcohol addiction problem? Are you tired of it affecting your life? At DualDiagnosisTreatment.org, we can help. DualDiagnosisTreatment.org was created in order to help those who need both mental health and addiction treatment find facilities that specialize in treating not just one of the disorders, but both at once. This is important because in order to cure one, it is often necessary to cure the other at the exact same time.

Who We Are Not

We are not a dual diagnosis treatment center. We do not treat addiction or mental health problems ourselves. Instead, our website could help you find the right facility for yourself or your loved one, so that you can get dual diagnosis treatment from professionals who may be suited to handle your individual situation.

What We Help With

We have a nationwide database of dual diagnosis treatment centers in the U.S. We have organized all of our listings so that it’s easy for you to find the dual diagnosis treatment center that is closest to you, as well as one that may be best equipped to handle your individual situation.

Still have questions?

If you have questions or comments for us, please use our contact form so we can help you.