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The first thing that we need to take a look at is how addiction and ADHD are linked to one another. Having a basic knowledge of ADHD is a good place to start, but it is also critical to note that there have not been any studies done to show whether one of the disorders is able to cause the other. They do coexist with one another and can come with some issues as well.

A person who is suffering from ADHD and also dealing with substance abuse will have what is known as a co-occurring disorder. The best approach that the patient can use through this is to seek treatment at a dual diagnosis rehab facility that has experience handling both disorders at the same time. This helps the patient to finally get some relief from both disorders at the same time.

There is a connection between addiction and ADHD, though there still needs to be more studies done to see just how closely connected the two issues are. According to some studies, when compared to the rest of the population, children who have a diagnosis for ADHD seem to have a higher risk to becoming dependent on alcohol or other drugs when they reach adulthood.

There are several factors that help us see more about the linkage between these two disorders including:

  1. For adults who have alcohol abuse, ADHD is at least 5 times more likely.
  2. For adults who are in treatment for substance abuse, including alcohol abuse, it is estimated that 25% have ADHD.
  3. Those children who suffer from ADHD are more likely to partake in alcohol and develop a dependence on it when they are teenagers.
  4. Young adults who have already been diagnosed with ADHD are more likely to excessively use alcohol compared to the same age group who do not have ADHD.
  5. When compared to those who do not have this mental illness, the individuals in the ADHD group are going to start using and abusing drugs and other substances at an early age.

With these factors in place, it begs the question of why those who suffer from ADHD have a higher risk of developing a drug abuse problem later on? The answer is believed to have something to do with a reduction in impulse control in that patient. Some of the behavioral problems that are linked back to the ADHD can be blamed as well.

These two things are often the reason that the person will initiate using drugs to start with. They have poor impulse control, so they make decisions that are bad for them, without really thinking about it. This causes them to start the drug or alcohol abuse at a young age. Their behavioral problems can lead them to continue using the drug for a long time after that fact as well.

Both of these conditions can tend to make the other worse. The more symptoms the patient has that relate to ADHD, the less control they will have over their behaviors and the actions that they partake in. This can lead them to taking on more of the drug and alcohol and this can just start an endless cycle.

It is also possible that the patient will take a substance as a way to self-medicate. When they have not been given a diagnosis of the ADHD, they can still have some of the symptoms of the disorder. The racing thoughts, anxiety, and other issues that can happen with untreated ADHD can make them feel on edge and can make life a bit harder to deal with when it comes to work and relationships. They may turn to a substance in the hopes of limiting some of the symptoms and calming themselves down. Even though this does not work well, the patient will continue on the cycle and get worse.

This is why a patient needs to do a treatment center that is able to handle both of the conditions at the same time. This will make sure that the conditions are both healed at the same time, and part of the puzzle is not left behind.

How common is ADHD?

ADHD is short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a type of mental health disorder that is often found in children. While some children can grow out of some of the symptoms, or at least learn how to manage them well with different techniques and medications, there are many adults who still suffer from this disorder. Many may have never been given a formal diagnosis of ADHD, so they feel like something is wrong with them and they are not able to control it.

ADHD is a condition that is often misunderstood. Many parents feel like the child is trying to misbehave or not do what they are told. Many think that the child should grow out of it or that the child is too hyperactive to get along with others. A few things to consider when it comes to ADHD include:

With the issues that come from ADHD, it can be hard to live a normal and healthy life. Many individuals worry that there is something wrong with them, that they are the ones who keep messing up and they refuse to get some of the treatment that they need, the treatment that would make them feel better.

As a result, people with ADHD may turn to alcohol and drugs to make them feel better, with the help of some self-medication along the way. Since these substances can provide some temporary relief for the patient, they enjoy taking them. However, with prolonged use, the addiction of the substance can get worse and it will also make the ADHD worse as well.

Drug Addiction and ADHD Treatment

Treating addiction for patients who had ADHD can be a challenging option to work with. It is important to work with both of these conditions at the same time. In some instances, the patient may not know they have ADHD and just want to go into a treatment center in order to help with a drug addiction. Other times they will know about the ADHD and will need help with handling both conditions at the same time.

Treatment for drug addiction and ADHD will be the most effective when both conditions are handled at the same time. If only one of the conditions is treated at the treatment center, then the other one will keep being the trigger until it is done. The patient needs to find a treatment center that is able to handle both of the disorders at the same time in order to get the best results. ADHD and substance abuse will go hand in hand. People who deal with both of these conditions can uproot the life of the individual if they do not get the right help from the start.

What Happens at an ADHD and Drug Addiction Treatment Center?

When dealing with the drug addiction and ADHD diagnosis at the same time, it is important to pick the right facility to help take care of both issues. Often, the patient will start in a drug abuse problem because they do not know they also have ADHD. The medical professionals there will be able to learn about the ADHD and can provide the patient with the help they need for both conditions. However, if the patient knows about both conditions, then they should specifically search for a center that will be able to handle both.


When you first go to the ADHD and drug addiction treatment center, you will need to go through the admittance process. This is a good time for the individual to talk with a medical professional and fill out the necessary paperwork. During this time, the medical professional will ask a lot of questions about the patient, their condition, and more. This helps the medical team come up with a personalized plan for treatment that works for that patient.


Then it is time to go through the withdrawal that comes after medical detox. Drug addictions can have some bad side effects when the withdrawal process happens. While in the facility, the patient will be able to work with medical professionals the whole time, allowing them a chance to get medications and other help if something goes badly with the withdrawal.

Treatment Begins

Once the drug has been taken out of the body, the patient will be able to start the rest of their personalized treatment plan. This will include a number of different parts. There will be some therapy, both group and individual therapy, to help the patient learn more about their drug use. Depending on what happened before entering the facility, the patient may also learn that they have ADHD for the first time. Their therapy will help them understand and deal with ADHD as well and can include medication that helps the patient manage their ADHD.

Patients will have a variety of options when it comes to treatment centers. There are inpatient facilities where the patient will stay there and live in the facility for the entirety of their treatment. Then there are outpatient facilities that you can use too, where you will spend time getting treatment, but will not live there. The inpatient facilities are often the most effective for the drug abuse portion of this condition because it removes the patient from the environment that allowed and encouraged the abuse in the first place.

Patients can also choose how long they are in the facility. There are different lengths of time that the patient can stay in the dual diagnosis treatment center, with the options often being 30, 60, 90 or 365 days for most needs. Those who are not able to stay away from home and obligations for a long time will often go with the shorter terms when it comes to their treatment. However, the longer inpatient stays are often the most effective at helping patients, especially when they deal with more than one condition at a time.

After the patient is done with the treatment center, there will still be different steps that they can use to help them keep sober and do well. The care does not end just because the patient spent a few months getting help. Part of their care plan will include the aftercare, where the patient will get support, additional counseling, and other help that they need, even when they leave the facility. This will increase the chances that the patient will be able to stay sober and manage their ADHD for the long-term.

Choosing the Right Drug Addiction and ADHD Treatment Facility for You

When suffering from a drug addiction and ADHD at the same time, you may find that additional help from a treatment facility is the best way for you to handle the problem. You can work with trained medical professionals who understand the problem and can give you some of the assistance that you need. You do not need to do all the work on your own. Check out a drug addiction and ADHD treatment center in your area for some of the relief that you need.

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