Dual Diagnosis Treatment Rosebud, SD

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Rosebud, SD

Here are dual diagnosis treatment centers in Rosebud, SD. If you are struggling with a co-occuring mental health and drug or alcohol addiction problem in Rosebud, get addiction help at one of the Rosebud dual diagnosis treatment centers below.

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Rosebud Sioux Tribe

Rosebud Sioux Tribe is a dual-diagnosis treatment center in Rosebud, SD that offers treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders that include borderline personality disorder as well as eating disorders.

Address: 719 Hospital Lane, P.O. Box 430, Rosebud, SD 57570 in Todd County

Services included:

  • People with HIV or AIDS, active duty military and military families
  • Domestic violence services, self-help groups and peer support
  • Inpatient detox
  • Accepts private health insurance
  • Intensive outpatient treatment, long-term rehab and residential detoxification